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With clients including household names such as MGM Studios and Kurt Cobain, attorney Chris Rudd is an established figure in the world of entertainment law. Over his three-decade career, Chris has built his firm to provide bespoke representation to clients looking for his unique and charismatic advocacy.

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Chris Rudd

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With a distinguished career spanning three decades and involving many published cases in both state and federal courts, Chris Rudd provides a wealth of knowledge and skill for his clients. By leveraging these assets, he has built a firm that is sought after by titans in the entertainment industry who need legal support in their enterprises.

Whether you are searching for an attorney to assist you in negotiating your contract with a recording label, would like his help protecting your intellectual property through trademark or copyright filings, or are simply looking for general legal counsel in a commercial matter, The Rudd Law Firm can help you.

Advocacy And Litigation Services

Chris Rudd understands that for his clients, the focus is on achieving their goals as efficiently and expeditiously as possible. His mandate is to promote a successful outcome regardless of the challenges he faces for his clients and to find solutions that will work for his clients. He diligently listens to his clients’ needs and crafts a legal strategy that methodically targets them.

Chris’s services are primarily focused on transactional and litigation representation in corporate, entertainment and intellectual property law. He also handles some related class action litigation on behalf of classes of people who have been harmed in these areas, such as data breaches and information leaks.

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