Over 30 Years Of Experience In Commercial And Entertainment Law

Bespoke Representation For Entertainment And Business Professionals

Founding attorney Chris Rudd has over three decades of successful advocacy in entertainment, intellectual property and business law. He has represented clients such as MGM Studios and Kurt Cobain, and trailblazers in the entertainment industry seek him out for legal support and guidance.

From negotiating your contracts with a recording label to protecting your work through copyright filings, The Rudd Law Firm is here for you. Chris’ wealth of experience has led to successful outcomes and published cases in state and federal courts. For over 30 years, clients throughout the Los Angeles area have trusted him to fight for their best interests.

Helping You Reach For The Stars

With a primary focus on transactional and litigation law, Chris assists clients in the entertainment and corporate industries and works on intellectual property cases as well. He also represents clients in class action lawsuits in related areas, such as data breaches and information leaks.

The Rudd Law Firm can assist you with:

Chris understands the importance of a successful outcome for his clients. He focuses on providing effective and efficient representation to help his clients meet their goals. When you work with him, you ‘ll receive personalized attention and legal strategies tailored to your needs. Communication is the key to a productive attorney-client relationship. At all times, Chris ensures that he is available to his clients to answer questions and address concerns.

Passionate About Helping You Succeed

When you need proven experience by your side, contact The Rudd Law Firm for guidance through your legal concerns. With an established high level of success, Chris can help you meet your goals and protect your interests. Contact his Marina Del Ray office at 310-861-9435 or complete his online contact form to schedule a complimentary consultation.